South of Iran

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Southern Iran

Includes the southern regions of Zagros and northern coast of Persian Gulf representing the provinces of FarsKohgiluyeh and Buyer AhmadHormozgan and Bushehr. Sometimes Khuzestan and Kerman are also included in this region. The major parts of this region has a warm and dry weather. The major cities are ShirazBushehrYasujLarAbadehAsaluyehBandarabbas and Kish.

Southern Iran is very ethnically diverse,

including Lurs (including Bakhtiaris), PersiansQashqaisLarestanisBalochArabsArmenians,Afro-Iranians and Jews. Southern Iran is the homeland of the Persian people. Most people in southern Iran are ethnically Persian (including Persian subgroups like Lurs and Bakhtiaris).

Most people in Southern Iran are part of the Iranian ethno-linguistic group and speak an Iranian language. Most southern Iranians are ethnically Persian and speak Persian or a dialect of the language.





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