1-Shandiz Mashad

If you go Mashhad and then shandiz and don't eat the most delicious food in the world (shishlik) same as you didn't go Mashhad :) try to go to shandiz and find any restaurant there and just simply order shishlik. You will love it! The best!


2-SPU restaurant

Its by the mountain that people go for hiking, you can go for both lunch and dinner by the river, very pleasant in the middle of nature ,trees, mountain really original and beautiful. Might get chilly in the evening. Persian food and kebab which are amazing, always packed and no reservation so you might wait for a while.everything is great...


3-Divan Restaurant

Located at the top of a shopping mall in Tehran. Quirky and arty decor, friendly staff and lovely well presented food. I would recommend kabab torsh. It also has a lovely balcony with a nice view of Tehran.


4-Dizi Sara

If you are interested in trying a traditional Persian food, Dizi is famous for it's delicious taste and fun way of serving as you should mash this dish on the table and have fun doing it. This restaurant offers a traditional environment and bring all the appies that complements Dizi to the table as a package.


5-Sharaf El Islam

the restaurant is in tehran's Bazaar, very crowded but a perfect place for a good quality food. the dishes are all tasteful and delicious. if you try the food once you will have constant visits to this place. the place is not chic and you might have to share a table with strangers but trust me the food is worthed,...


6-Muslem restaurant

In the heart of old Bazaar , you could have a wonderful and delicious food ,in huge portion and very reasonable price . You could have lunch and dinner is not served . There is a long queue every day , even in middle of weeks . Finding place is not easy but professional Staffs make it easy!


7-Taj Mahal

If you are in Tehran and like to have Indian food, do not hesitate and go there. They are offering different Indian food from different parts of India and also fresh NAN with different tastes. Most of time crowded but have nice Lobby to relax there. Service is good and you do not have problem for the parking.


8-Yas Restaurant

Nice place, delicious food, friendly staff. Give it a try!I will go there again for sure. You can spend good times there with your partner,!!


9-Aftabgardan Milad Tower Restaurant

Best for business meetings,if you don't know what is the taste of people whom you are meeting,it's the best place to go!! The location of this restaurant is very good, since the restaurant is located in the upper floors of Milad tower, You will have a good view but the only thing is that you enjoy it. Food quality is low.


10-Sahrzad Restaurant

Shahrzad is a very beautiful place and it is a stylish restaurant with paintings of Safavi.foods are high quality; fresh and tasty. Their servent are very good.

it is a big mistake if you visit Isfahan and don’t test Shahrzad lamb kebab. From 1346 (1969) science now they have served Isfahan traditional foods like khorosht-mast, beryan and very delicious bare-kebab. Beautiful and traditional decoration is perfect.